Mom’s the word

I should clear something up. It’s cropped up a few times. Here’s an example. An Amazon review (in its entirety) of my second novel.

‘A book about Britain by a British author – so why use ‘Mom’ instead of ‘Mum’ throughout? So annoying!!’

It is annoying!! British people all use the same words. British people say ‘mum’. Who are these pretend British people in the West Midlands who annoyingly say ‘Mom’? And the weirdos in Wales, Northern Ireland and large parts of the north of England who say ‘Mam’? And you know… the others who say…other wrong words?

What would be helpful is if books written by authors who come from these non-British parts of Britain where all the weird and annoying people live, could carry labels to identify them. That way readers in proper Britain wouldn’t have to endure such flagrant provocations.

1 thought on “Mom’s the word

  1. Josephine Chau

    Hello? Where in the book says the book is written only for readers in proper Britain to read? Visually – to me anyway – Mum is for Mummy and Mom is for Mommy. Frankly I would find ‘Mum’ odd.
    Most human beings read with their eyes. In the event that the book is read orally, the word ‘Mom’ is likely pronounced as ‘Mum’, just like the word ‘can’t’ is read as ‘KENT’ in America but ‘KHANT’ in Britain.

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