Project Champion – suspect communities in the city forĀ Writers at Liberty series

You’ve Got Everything Now – loosely inspired by The Smiths song of the same name

The Periscope – a boy and his Uncle Remus playkit

The Dawn Chorus – something happened one day when I was delivering post, I turned it into a story

Blossom Time – the first, embryonic traces of Dermot the bus driver, who went on to become Mr Lynch in my third novel



Library Tickets – melancholia about my childhood library (first published in the Royal Literary Fund’s Collected)

A visit to Hack Green nuclear bunker – transcript of talk given at The Event organised by Leila Johnson in 2012

Mr Lynch and his holiday – short essay on the origins of the novel

A Cupboard Of My Own – New York Times piece on toy incarceration

The Flawed Cartographer – Granta piece on my imperfect grasp of the world around me

The Navigator – from The Verb – the dark side of satnav

Lost in Floorspace – a piece for The Independent on the opening of Westfield

Made in England – an Arts Council commission about Birmingham

Why Contribute to the Spread of Ugliness? – thoughts on archives, unloved buildings and John Madin. Written to accompany Stuart Whipps exhibition catalogue of the same title.

My Week – an action packed and thrilling account of a week in my life written for The Observer

Trading Places – alternative retail experiences