New Faces

I was thinking the other day about X Factor. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because they’ve started putting up enormous billboards everywhere saying ‘use your vote’ and it makes me wonder why on earth they are advertising – it seems about 99%  of the population already watch it. Other billboards are dominated by Cheryl Cole (x factor judge) promoting L’Oreal and her forthcoming solo album. It’s like living in a one party state (Yes, I’m absolutely sure of that).

Anyway I was just thinking how a few years ago the big ITV Saturday evening show was ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ and already that seems part of some more innocent, hopelessly child like age. Back then people were happy pretending to be stars, dressing up and putting on make up. Now they want to be stars. Some barrier that was there before has fallen away. Weirdly the people pretending to be other people seemed to have more originality and sense of their own identity than the people just trying to be a celebrity – that seems to require more pretence and acting.